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Eversden - Playground Games - 10 Etudes for Bass Trombone

Composer: Eversden

Arranger: Original Composition

$15.00 USD



Children the world over love 'playtime'.  A welcome break from lessons, a time to burn some energy and have fun.  A time to play some games!  Playground Games is a collection of Etudes for Bass Trombone portraying these traditional games and reflecting on childrens’ enjoyment. We can picture them jumping, playing hopscotch, leapfrog, skipping, (the Double Dutch version of this popular game) and running around in the fast and furious Tag!  More peaceful moments are to be found when you sense the concentration during Marbles and Cat's Cradle, and an exciting contest is on during Conker Fight.

These entertaining pieces are in many genres, styles, keys and meters. Some Etudes are funky and rhythmic, others dance-like with Waltzes and a merry Gigue. They are appropriate for intermediate to advanced performers. The Etudes evoke feelings for those on the playground today and for others, bringing back happy memories.

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