Interview with Adolph Herseth by Don Harder

Posted on 09 July 2019

Adolph Herseth (1921-2013) was one of the greatest brass artists of the 20th Century, performing as principal Trumpet with the Chicago Symphony for 53 amazing seasons. He performed under all the world's famous conductors during that time and along with Arnold Jacobs, helped form the famous unmistakable "Chicago Sound".

He retired in 2001 and his principal chair in the orchestra is now named after him - The Adolph Herseth Principal Trumpet Chair.

Don Harder is a former CBC recording engineer who also plays the trumpet and like many brass performers was always in awe of Herseth's legendary sound and style. He received a grant from the CBC to travel to Herseth's home in Oak Park, Illinois to conduct this wonderful interview in the year 2001. 

The charm and knowledge of Mr. Herseth is such a wonder to hear in this rare recording. 

Cherry Classics Music has received permission from Mr. Harder and the CBC to post the interview in its entirety.

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