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Brink - Three Movements for Unaccompanied Bass Trombone

Composer: Brink

Arranger: Brink

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Phil Brink's new work for unaccompanied Bass Trombone is in three contrasting movements:

1. Harmonies - subtitled "The Trombone Strikes Bach" is pensive in mood and in the style of an Unaccompanied Prelude by Bach.

2. Balooze - subtitled "A Sort of Soliloquoy" is in a swung blues-style including a free cadenza-like introduction. It also includes a foot tapping accompaniment and multiphonics, reminiscent of Bernstein's Mippy II.

3. Rhythmus - "Movement At High Speed", the finale is in a Presto tempo with lots of technical wizardry for the performer.

This very fine work of about 7-minutes in length is appropriate for advanced performers.

The live sample sound track featuring a portion of each movement is performed on the Bass Trombone by the composer himself, Phil Brink.

This music is available as an eBook on Apple iTunes and Amazon Kindle.

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