Friedrich August Belcke (1795-1874) was a German Trombone player. He was the son of the town musician of Lucka. at an early age he showed a fondness for brass instruments and was a good horn player before he took up the trombone, on which he soon reached a pitch of excellence before unknown. He joined the Gewandhaus orchestra at Leipzig in 1815 and then obtained a permanent post in the royal orchestra in Berlin, where he remained from 1816 to 1858. In 1817 Weber brought him to Dresden. In 1821 he played solos on Stolzel's newly invented tenorhorn in Berlin, and later at Leipzig. Frequent tours made him widely known. In 1858 he left Berlin of his own accord and retired to his native place. He received the Medal of Honor from the Paris Conservatoire in 1844. He was an early exponent of the trombone as a solo instrument in the modern era and composed many etudes and solo works for the instrument.

Belcke had an association to the Danish Court - being on friendly terms with both Christian the 8th and his son Frederik 7th,  dedicating works to both of them.

(Groves Dictionary)

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