Jean-Louis Couturier,

Born in France in 1963, first started his musical apprenticeship with the study of the trumpet at the National School of Music of Annecy, his birth town. He carried on advanced studies at the Conservatoire National de Région of Dijon. Fascinated by baroque music and specifically by natural brass instruments, he continued his mastering of the trumpet with virtuoso baroque soloist Edward H. Tarr, in Basel, Switzerland. Studying orchestration and composition with Désiré Dondeyne, he passed with honors a competitive examination to become assistant-conductor in the French Army. He was then appointed as musical consultant in the Army Academy of music, based Versailles. Later on, Jean-Louis Couturier was chosen by the French Air Force to assume the leadership of several bands. Many of his over one hundred works where played in France by several famous wind orchestras. Jean-Louis Couturier’s many works reveal a keen research for historical rediscoveries of forgotten age-old pieces for brass instruments. Those works can be found in the catalogue of the main publishing editors in France, Austria and Canada.

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