Davide Delle Cese (1856, Pontecorvo, Italy - 1938, Bitonto, Italy) was an Italian composer and conductor, known primarily as the composer of the popular concert march L' Inglesina. He first studied with Antonio Geminiani, who had been a theater conductor in Rome. Later, he studied at the Conservatory of San Pietro a Majella. Following military service, he led bands in Pontecorvo, Venice (1886), San Leo (1886-1991), and Bitonto (1891). He also organized a band of young boys, most of whom were under the age of ten. He named it the Lilliputian Concert Band, and it played frequently throughout southern Italy. During the years after World War I, he devoted most of his time to composing and teaching.

In addition to his marches and concert music for band, Delle Cese composed ballets, intermezzi, and lyric pieces. From 1885-1888, by direction of the Italian War Office, he arranged all known national anthems for band. Many of his works were published by Adolfo Lapini in Florence and are now available from Casa Musicale Pucci in Napoli. (

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