Paul Marie Théodore Vincent d'Indy was born in Paris into an aristocratic family of royalist and Catholic persuasion. He had piano lessons from an early age from his paternal grandmother, who passed him on to Antoine Francois Marmontel and Louis Diémer. His main influence was Cesar Franck. These three pieces were some of his many works for Piano. Opus 33 was inspired by a trip to Bayreuth, the musical home of Wagner and the Black Forest region. Opus 33 no. 1 from 1889 is titled "?" with no explanation of itself. Opus 33 no. 10 is titled Lermoos, which is a delightful skiing village in Austria right on the border with Germany. Germany's largest mountain is in perfect view, possibly giving the movement its spirit. Opus 28 is a Serenade for Violin and Piano published in 1900. It is lithe, subtle and lyrical.

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