Jordon Drumgoole is a performer and composer-arranger who is working hard to provide novel works and transcriptions to brass ensembles, concert bands, and orchestras.

As a very studious student, Jordon has channeled this meticulous energy into his musical work, and into his understanding and usage of different styles and techniques.

Jordon began his musical journey at the age of 12, with curiosity being the driving force of his motivation at the time, experimenting and deviating from the standard orchestration. As time went on, though, the curiosity slowly faded away to reveal a passion Jordon never thought he had to begin with.

Soon after, Jordon went on to become the staff arranger of Danny Jones Middle School and Lake Ridge High School Bands. His arrangements of Leroy Anderson’s A Bugler’s Holiday (for Trombone Trio)and Ludwig van Beethoven’s Egmont Overture (For Low Brass Quintet) were selected as the outstanding brass ensembles at the Mansfield ISD Ensemble Contest and were performed at the 2019 & 2020 Lake Ridge High School Spring Concerts respectively. Jordon is currently publishing his works with Cherry Publishing.

Jordon has also had experience arranging for pep band and served as a short term director for the Danny Jones Jazz Band. He has also been a National Finalist in the National Young Composer’s Competitions, 1st place in Group 1 of Christopher Bill’s Composition Contest, as well as 1st place winner of the Carson Thomas Miller Texas Emerging Composers Competition.

His compositions have been described as providing a new voice to concert bands and chamber ensembles, and his arrangements have been enjoyed by students, hobbyists, and professionals alike.

As an active Euphoniumist and Trombonist himself, Jordon uses his experience from chamber and concert performances to craft enjoyable musical experiences for the performer and listener.

Jordon is currently pursuing his diploma at Lake Ridge High School, where he’s in the school’s top-performing band and studying Music Theory. He continues to grow, develop, and flourish as a composer, arranger, and performer.

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