Versatility is perhaps the best way to describe musician Bobby Fisco, who enjoys success as a trombonist, arranger, and teacher.

 As a trombonist, Bobby has traveled across the world, performing with many elite groups, such as the Eastern Music Festival orchestras, the Miami Summer Music Festival orchestra, and the Cleveland Orchestra Youth Orchestra. With a love of new music, Bobby is a proud alumnus of the Contemporary Youth Orchestra. In addition to his extensive traditional ensemble experience, Bobby has performed side-by-side with The Cleveland Orchestra, Fall Out Boy, and Jefferson Starship. Bobby has also been featured as a soloist in front of orchestra, band, and jazz ensembles.

Sparked by chamber music and interactive performance, Bobby has coordinated and performed with many chamber groups. He is a founding member of the concert:nova Next Generation brass quintet, a group dedicated to exploring outreach, education, and standard brass quintet literature. As a member of this group, Bobby has performed with and was mentored by the Cincinnati Symphony Brass Quintet.

Bobby has held the title of “group arranger” for several ensembles that he has performed with, and has arranged in a variety of styles – from Classical to popular to jazz to pieces specifically written for interactive performance. His arrangements have been performed on children’s concerts, weddings, and receptions in addition to traditional concert programs.Bobby believes in a teaching approach that focuses on helping his students reach their individual goals in the healthiest and most efficient way possible so that they can grow and enjoy themselves whenever they pick up their instrument. He has coached musicians who have gone on to study music at conservatories and universities as well as musicians with many other career aspirations who play for fun.

His primary teachers have included Ed Zadrozny, Peter Sullivan, Jan Kagarice, Jaime Morales-Matos, and Bill Cox.

Bobby is currently based in Pittsburgh, PA where he attends Carnegie Mellon University as a trombone performance major and graduate assistant. He spends his time off from Carnegie Mellon in his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio.

When Bobby is not performing, arranging, or teaching, he likes to go out swing dancing or stay in with a good book or movie.


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