Jerald “Jerry” R. Juhnke (1950-      ) 

Jerry is from Wichita, Kansas, and studied trombone and jazz from an early age.  Primarily a bass trombonist, he received a Bachelors in Music Education and a Master in Music Performance from Wichita State University.  His interest in trombone bands resulted in a 10 trombone and rhythm section band called SuperBones.  SuperBones appeared several times on the Wichita Jazz Festival and was voted the best jazz ensemble in Wichita.  The band also performed twice at the National Trombone Workshop, the predecessor to the International Trombone Workshop.  Trombonists that have performed with the band include, Phil Wilson, Bill Watrous, Buddy Baker and (baritone horn player) Rich Matteson.  Jerry arranged a significant amount of the music for the band. 

Most of his working career was spent as a financial adviser in Wichita with bass trombone performance opportunities in many touring bands.  He has also served on the board of the Wichita Symphony Orchestra as their treasurer for several years.  His music tends to have rich jazz influenced harmonies and creative chord movements.


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