Calixa Lavallée, (December 28, 1842 - January 21, 1891), born Calixte Lavallée, was a French-Canadian-American musician who composed the music for O Canada, which officially became the national anthem of Canada in 1980.Calixa Lavallée was born at Vercheres, a suburb of Montreal, Quebec. His father, Augustin Lavallée, was accomplished in many trades, including those of blacksmith, logger, bandmaster, and self-taught luthier, Calixa began his musical education with his father and studied in Montreal with Charles Wugk Sabatier. In 1857, he moved to the U.S. and lived in Rhode Island where he enlisted in the 4th Rhode Island Volunteers of the Union army during the American Civil War, attaining the rank of Lieutenant.

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