François Levesque was born in Quebec, and has played the trombone since the age of 12. He studied at the Conservatoire de Musique de Quebec with Andrew Clayden for both his Collegial and Bachelor Degrees. Francois currently resides in Vancouver where he is pursuing a Masters degree in Music at the University of British Columbia with the renowned trombonist Gordon Cherry. François has become more and more in demand on the classical music scene. He is a member of the trombone quintet I Tromboni with which he performs in concert halls and schools all across Canada. He is also the trombonist of the Cascades Brass Quintet, a group which has won international competitions and perform for the West Coast Performers series on CBC. François has played also with many ensembles such as the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, L’Orchestre Symphonique de Quebec, Sinfonia Orchestra, Vancouver Brass Project and the new music group Aventa. His versatility as a musician and his interest for different music styles allows him to play with many groups of all genres. François plays with the salsa group Tanga and the funk group tribute to Tower of Power, Soul Vaccination. His career in music has also provided him with the opportunity to travel many times. While in Bali, Indonesia he participated in a unique project joining a contemporary ensemble with a gamelan group! He has also played with pop and jazz groups in different festivals in Canada and in Europe, such as the Jazz Festivals in Montreal, Vienne, Fribourg and at the Francopholies de Montreal. Through the last years, François gained a lot of experience for teaching music. He has taught the trombone for 6 years, giving private and group lessons to students of all levels. In addition to being a substitute in high school music classes, he had been a conductor for both concert, and jazz bands in summer camps and music programs for children 9-12 years old.

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