You Dao Ma, born in 1938 in Jinan City of Shandong Province in China. Mr. Ma was a member of the Communist Party of China, taught at several universities, and was granted the Chinese national art "top-class" composers award. He was the director of the board of Shanghai Opera and Dance Troupe and served as its artistic director. He was a member of the Chinese Music Association, the director of the Shanghai Music Association, and a member of the Shanghai Music Academy Modern Music Society. Mr. Ma graduated from the Composition Department of Shanghai Conservatory of Music in 1964. While at the conservatory, he studied with the renowned composer Professor Ding Shande.

His well-known works include the dance drama "Painted Skin", “Gada Meiren Theme and Variation Fantasy”, "I Raise Army Horses for the Revolution," "August 1st Symphonic Poems”, the suite "Five Frames of Oil Painting," and other works of various genres. Mr. Ma and the other two Chinese composers, Wang Min and Wang Mingfa, were known as the "Three Masters" of Shanghai.

Mr. Ma passed away in 2007 at the age of 69."

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