Tomasz Maciaszczyk - Born in 1984. Musician, trumpet teacher, composer and arranger. He is an author of many solo composition for students and arrangements of wind ensemble music. As a trumpeter he studied in The Academy of Music in Lódź-Poland where received a master’s degree. After graduation he studied in Chicago with Roger Rocco and Thomas Jostlein, former students of Arnold Jacobs. He took part in master courses in Hungary. In 2014 he re-composed music of XVIII century "Bitter Regrets” polish prayer and made an arrangement for choir and orchestra that was first performed in the same year. This performance was recorded and published on CD. In 2018 famous Knight Suite was published as well as Jubilee Intrada composed for 2 trumpets and new-build organ in Lodz Philharmonic. As a trumpet player he collaborates with Lodz Philharmonic, Music Theatre in Lodz, Opera House in Lodz and Polish Camerata Chamber Orchestra. He is a trumpet teacher in Stanislaw Moniuszko School of Music in Lódź.

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