Lyndol Mitchell was born in Mississippi in 1923. In September 1941 he entered Western Kentucky State College on a music scholarship. However in January of 1943 he enlisted in the U.S. Army Air Force and served in the European theater of operations as a member of the Military Intelligence Division of the 394th Bomber Group of the 9th Air Force. After the war, he returned to WKSC to complete his Bachelor's Degree. In 1949 he entered the Eastman School of Music where he earned a Master's Degree in Composition and began work on a doctorate as a teaching fellow. He was appointed to the ESM faculty in 1952.He was active in church music and served as composer, conductor, and consultant on music to the Informational Films Division of the Eastman Kodak Company. He composed and recorded approximately 30 motion picture film scores. Mr. Mitchell died suddenly at a relatively young age in 1963. Here is a photo of Mitchell as a student in theory class, seated on left.

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