Angelo Piazzini is an Italian Tuba soloist, professor and composer.

In 2012 he brilliantly achieved his Master’s Degree in Trombone (with specialization in Contrabass Tuba) at the “G Lettimi” Institute of Higher Artistic and Musical Education, Rimini, under the guidance of the Prof. Marco Bellini.

Subsequently, after a course of studies at the Music School of Fiesole and at the Conservatory of Music “L.Cherubini” in Florence, he also obtained his Master's Degree in French Horn at the Conservatory of Music “G.Pergolesi” in Fermo.

After graduating, he attended various Masterclasses and High Specialization Courses, studying the Bass tuba in depth with Prof. Riccardo Tarlini (1st Tuba Soloist of Regional Orchestra in Tuscany), Prof. Carlos Attilio Toffolon (Ex 1st Trombone Soloist of the “Maggio Musicale Fiorentino” Philharmonic Orchestra in Florence), Prof. Daniele Morandini (1st Trombone Soloist of the “Teatro alla Scala” Philharmonic Orchestra), Prof. Matteo Caramaschi (1st Euphonium Soloist of the State Police National Band), Prof. James Gourlay (International Tuba Soloist), Prof. Alessandro Fossi (International Tuba Soloist), and with Prof. Mario Barsotti

(1st Tuba Soloist of the “Opera Teather of Florence”).

He is currently attending the Postgraduate Internship as Assistant to Prof. Marco Venturi (Master Horn Professor – Horn Soloist) at the Conservatory of Music “F.Morlacchi” in Perugia.

As a soloist, he has been awarded First prizes and Special mentions in National and International Competitions, including the “Clara Wieck Schumann” International Music Competition, “L'Estro Armonico” International Music Competition, “Daniele Ridolfi” “Versilian Riviera” National Competition, “Etruscan Riviera” National Competition etc.

He was successful in the selections for the position of Bass Tuba player and he played with the following Orchestras: “Fondazione Teatro Goldoni”, Livorno; the “Symphonic Orchestra of Piacenza”; the “Desiderio da Settignano” Symphony Orchestra and Choir, Florence; the “G.Sarti" Symphony Orchestra, Faenza; “Giovani Artisti Italiani” Wind Orchestra, Cesena; “Cam Brass”, Empoli, Florence; the “Symphonic Orchestra of Ravenna”; “Florence Symphonietta”; the “L.Cherubini” Conservatory Orchestra, Florence; the “G.B. Martini” Orchestra, Bologna; the “Lorenzo Perosi” Orchestra, Campobasso; the “Luisa D’Annuzio” Symphony Orchestra, Pescara; the “R. Franci” Orchestra, Siena; etc. Under the public selection procedure, he also qualified as Bass Tuba teacher (CODI/08) for the “N. Paganini” Conservatory of Music, Genova, and the “O. Vecchi - A. Tonelli” Higher Institute of Musical Studies, Modena.

In the field of musical and instrumental teaching he has eleven years of experience teaching Bass Tuba, Trombone and French Horn at various Music Institutes and Private Music Schools. Since 2017 he has held the position of Bass Tuba teacher at the “Dante” High Music School, Florence, in October 2019 he began teaching Trombone at the “F. Petrarca” High Music School, Arezzo, at the “Artemisia Gentileschi” High Music School, Massa-Carrara, and at the “Cicognini-Rodari” High Music School, Prato, to date. More, since April 2011, at various Private Music Schools including: “G. Bonamici“ School of Music, Pisa, the “S.

Strata” Academy of Music, Pisa, “Rodolfo Del Corona” Musical Institute, Livorno, “Orfeo” School of Music, Pisa, and “Arteficium” School of Music, Marina di Pisa, Pisa etc.

In addition to giving numerous Seminars and Masterclasses at Festivals and Institutes , he is the author of over 100 publications in italian and in english, including sixteen Didactic Methods for Bass Tuba, four Didactic Methods for Bass Trombone and forty- one others revisions, transcriptions and arrangements of famous works for brass instruments (chamber music for brass instruments).

His works, already published in Japan (Da Vinci Publishing Edition), in the United States (Mentor Music Publishing), and in Canada (Music for Brass) are currently in use at Universities, Conservatories, Schools of Music around the world.

In Italy, these publications are handled by “Glissato Music Editions”, Lecce, “Edizioni Momenti” Publishing house in Ribera (Agrigento) and by “Sillabe” Publishing house in Livorno.

In October 2018, thanks to a collaboration with Mr. Bernhard Schmidt and the German Company “Werner Chr. Schmidt”, located in Markneukirchen, Germany, he developed the “A. Piazzini” Custom signature model mouthpiece for Tuba: a new “heavy” model available in a symphonic and solo versions. Furthermore, he is invited by cultural institutions and associations to play in concerts, live performances, and in conferences, to expose regarding his instrument for didactic and educational purposes.

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