Henry Wolking is a composer, performer (trombone), conductor, author, and chair of jazz studies and professor of music at the University of Utah. He received his BME from the University of Florida, where he graduated with honors, and the Phi Beta Kappa Creative Achievement Award. He was awarded his Master's Degree at North Texas State University, where he simultaneously pursued interests in jazz and classical composition, as well as trombone performance. In 1972, at the age of 23, his reputation as a composer and performer brought him to the University of Utah as head of the Jazz Area. By the age of 38 he was a tenured professor.    His jazz and serious works have been played and recorded by the finest orchestras and jazz ensembles in the world. From the Utah Symphony, which in 1982 premiered his Symphony No. 1 "Lydian Horizon" (a semi-finalist in the 1982 Kennedy Center Friedheim Awards), to recordings and performances with the Warsaw Philharmonic, London Symphony Orchestra and the BBC Jazz Orchestra. His CD (released in 2000) titled HENRY WOLKING was a best selling recording on the MMC label. He has over 22 compositions for orchestra, which include 2 four-movement symphonies, a 30-minute ballet, 8 concertos, 4 fantasies, an overture, 5 jazz works, and a tango.

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