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Gigout - Grand Choeur Dialogue for 8 Trombones

Composer: Gigout

Arranger: Hinterbichler

$27.50 USD



Gigout's wonderful "Grand Choeur Dialogue" originally for Brass and Organ has been beautifully scored for eight Trombones in two antiphonal choirs. The work is brilliant technically, majestic in breadth and sound, with rich harmonies. Both choirs battle for dominance but in the end they all "win" in the Grand Finale. Scored for 6 Tenors and 2 Basses, the difficulty level is for very advanced ensembles. Tenor and Bass Clefs are used and the highest notes are D-flat for the 1st part and pedal A-flat for the Bass part. This work is a great "Overture" to begin a program.

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