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Francis - Petite Fanfare Québecoise for Brass Quintet

Composer: Francis

Arranger: Original Composition

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This is music for music's sake, a small fanfare full of the joy and pleasure that playing in a brass quintet brings with it. It was written while Mr. Francis was a student in Montreal, and derives its thematic material from the well-known Quebec folk song V'la l'bon vent, a tune which is sung in a variety of forms in virtually every region of the province. Nick thinks that at the time he must have had in mind the magnificent brass fanfares of Montreal composer Jacques Hétu, for the title is certain to put one in mind of his Petite Fanfare pour Lanaudière. Here is two and a half minutes of joyous music-making that oughtn't need any further excuses! - N.P.F., Vancouver, B.C., 28 November 2007

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