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Francis - Quintet 2007 based on the Hymn, “Eternal Father”

Composer: Francis

Arranger: Original Composition

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Nick Francis is a very talented Canadian composer. His Quintet's three movements are fused into a single “macro-movement” of about 17 minutes in length. The work requires advanced performers with the Trumpet parts being in C. The work opens with a gentle hymn. The music gradually works itself up into a heroic tune. The second movement begins in the barren wasteland left by the disintegration of the first. After a time, paraphrased fragments of the Anglican seafaring hymn Eternal Father begin emerging. Gradually the earlier "wasteland feel" begins to bloom, and the movement closes quietly in E major. The Finale is in two sections. The 2nd section brings the music back to E-flat major, with all of its heroic properties, and heads the quintet towards a thunderous climax followed by a mad gallop to the finish. This music is dedicated with deep gratitude to Nate and to all the members of the Sapphire Brass, without whose confidence in new music it might never have been written.

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