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Wolking - Music for Bass Trombone and Piano

Composer: Wolking

Arranger: Original Composition

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Bass Trombone Music by Henry Wolking is a four-movement Sonata for Bass Trombone & Piano written in 2007 for Professor Donn Schaefer of the University of Utah. The work was premiered at the 2008 Eastern Trombone Workshop by Professor Schaefer.

The 1st movement entitled "Roger" is about Roger Miller the country singer.

Movement II is after "Lou Harrison" a "mystic" classical composer.

Mr. Wolking's English Setter "Simon" is the star of movement III and "Thelonius Monk's "Blue Monk" legendary jazz composition is the inspiration for movement IV.

This work is written for virtuoso performers and can be a main work on a recital or concert. Professor Wolking's Sonata is a brilliant piece of music and should become a standard of the repertoire over the course of time.

The live performance of the first and second movements is by Bass Trombonist Michael Johnson performed at the ATW in March 2017.

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