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Brahms - Ten Studies for Trombone

Composer: Brahms

Arranger: Cherry

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The Brahms Ten Studies were originally written for Horn or Trumpet and were first published soon after his death in 1897. Unfortunately, there is not much written about the origin of the Studies. There are questions as to whether they are original, or “manufactured” by an enterprising musician. According to Mr. Cherry, a few of the studies, especially the slower ones have the “stamp” of the Master on them.

It is fairly certain that Brahms’s father did play some Horn and there was a good chance that Johannes performed in a Horn club as well. The Studies were all originally written in the key of “C” Treble Clef.

Mr. Cherry has taken the liberty to transpose many of them into different keys for musical variety and technique. This is a common practice for many Trumpet and Horn study books. He has also added some breathe marks and alternate slide positions. Many thanks to friend and colleague, Ralph Sauer, who helped with the editing of these studies.

These studies are all in Bass Clef and appropriate for performers of intermediate level and higher.

This music is available as an ebook on Apple iTunes and Amazon Kindle.

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