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Mozart - Twelve Duos for Two Trombones

Composer: Mozart

Arranger: Sauer

$20.00 USD



Originally thought to be composed for two Horns, the Twelve Duos K. 487 have been transcribed for two Trombones by Ralph Sauer, retired Principal Trombonist of the Los Angeles Philharmonic. Mr. Sauer has transcribed them into three different sets of keys

No. 1-4 are in F. No. 5-8 are in G and No. 9-12 are in A, giving the performers a nice mix of keys. This also makes three sets of Duos that can be used in recital if desired.

The Duos can be performed by moderately advanced players, the 1st part being in Tenor Clef. The 2nd part can be played by a Tenor or Bass Trombone. 

This music is also available as an eBook on iTunes.

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