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Warlock - Capriol Suite for Ten-part Brass Ensemble

Composer: Warlock

Arranger: Haynor

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Peter Warlock was the pen name of Philip Arnold Heseltine, a British writer, music critic, and at one time the editor of the musical Magazine, "The Sackbut". As a self-taught composer, Warlock is renowned for the Capriol Suite, originally for String Orchestra. His love for Elizabethan music and poetry brought forth this great composition.

Mr. Haynor has done an excellent job of scoring this music for a Ten-part Brass Ensemble in two Choirs of Brass Quintets. Trumpet parts are available in C and B-flat. The work for moderately advanced performers is in six movements.

  1. Basse
  2. Danse
  3. Pavane
  4. Tordion
  5. Bransles
  6. Pieds-en-l'airMattachins (Sword Dance)

    The sample mp3 file is used with permission from a live performance of the Capital Brassworks from Ottawa, CANADA.

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