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Victoria - O Magnum Mysterium for Trombone Quartet

Composer: Victoria

Arranger: Converse

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Tomás Luis de Victoria was the most famous composer of the 16th century in Spain, and one of the most important composers of the Counter-Reformation, along with Palestrina and Orlando di Lasso. Victoria was not only a composer, but also an accomplished organist and singer. However, he preferred the life of a composer to that of a performer. He is sometimes known as the "Spanish Palestrina" because he may have been taught by Palestrina.

O Magnum Mysterium is a four-part A cappella motet written in Latin for the Catholic Church service and is performed mostly around the Christmas period. The text refers to the great mystery of the Virgin birth, animals and baby Jesus in the manger. This work was written during the composer's stay in Rome and has some of Palestrina's influence.

Dr. Converse has done a beautiful job of transcribing one of the most beautiful sacred choral works of the Renaissance period.

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