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McDougall - Dance Suite for Three Trombones and Tuba

Composer: McDougall

Arranger: McDougall

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Ian McDougall is one of Canada's leading composers as well as being an internationally recognized jazz legend. The Dance Suite for Three Trombones & Tuba was commissioned by the Low Brass section of the Vancouver Opera and aided with a grant from the British Columbia Arts Council.

The Suite is in three movements titled:

1. Boogie / Valse
2. T'anguish
3. Louie's Jig

The Boogie/Valse is exactly that, a movement in A-B-A form with the Valse being sandwiched by the Boogie section.

The T'anguish is a Tango with a seductive melody mostly carried in the 1st Trombone.

Louie's Jig is a rompin' stompin' "Fiddler's Jig" for Low Brass which will get your audience on their feet... the performers will have a bit of fun too!!

For advanced performers.

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