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Wagner - Romance for Euphonium and Piano

Composer: Wagner

Arranger: Sauer

$20.00 USD



Romance (Romance nach dem Albumblatt) has been beautifully arranged by Ralph Sauer for Euphonium and Piano for advanced performers.

Romance by Richard Wagner first appeared as a Solo Piano work Ein Albumblatt in das Album der Fürstin Metternich in 1861 (after the completion of Tristan und Isolde) but not published until 1871. It became more famous as a Violin piece because of an arrangement by August Wilhelmj (1845-1908). Arrangements for many other instruments with Piano and/or Orchestral accompaniment followed. This arrangement generally follows Wilhelmj’s ideas (which are quite a bit more elaborate than Wagner’s simple Piano writing), and makes it into a virtuosic, yet expressive piece for the Euphonium.

The piece is four minutes in length. Bass and Treble Clef parts are included.

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