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Ervin - Rangebuilding on the Trombone by Tom Ervin

Composer: Ervin

Arranger: Ervin

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Rangebuilding For Trombone will assist Trombonists in developing their playing skills in the high range. The books’s various chapters address techniques far beyond merely “hitting the notes at all.” This book can help players develop the endurance to play in their high register for some time (lead), the intonation to play pleasantly, the finesse to play in the high register in a variety of styles, the accuracy and reliability to play lead with confidence, and the agility to play intricate passages.

Read what the professionals have to say about Rangebuilding on the Trombone:

"…Profound insights about the correct approach to the high range, as well as admonitions about common traps. The exercises and the technical suggestions are presented undogmatically, allowing considerable latitude and ingenuity from each player. . . I am already recommending it to my students.. . Contains a number of ideas not previously in print. Milt Stevens, Principal Trombonist, National Symphony Orchestra, Washington D.C.

"Don’t leave home without it!! Absolutely Essential!! All-comprehensive regarding the development of the high range. I like it!" Bill Watrous, Jazz Recording Artist

"I found your approaches thoughtful and practical, developing physical responses and strength, ear sensitivity, intellectual awareness resulting in a more secure, expanded natural upper register…Exercises and dialogue mixed–GOOD IDEA– students are more apt to read the stuff!!! I’ll use it!!" Tom Everett, Director of Bands, Harvard University Founder, International Trombone Association

"…Contains all the elements conducive to good results, and is compiled in a concise and easy-to-use manner… A most valuable addition to the trombonist’s study materials… I know of no other book like it. Bravo!" Byron Peebles, Principal Trombone, Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra

"…In today’s music performance, development of playing skills in the high range is mandatory…  To my knowledge, no book anywhere covers as you have the development of playing skills in the upper register of the Trombone… Could make all of the difference in building or rebuilding an embouchure. I would strongly recommend this concise book, with a most important preface to all Trombonists from the slightly advanced level on through the professional stage…" David Uber, Trombonist, Composer, Teacher

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