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Scriabin - Three Etudes for Trombone and Piano

Composer: Scriabin

Arranger: Sauer

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Alexander Scriabin’s music has been described as mystical, lyrical, and idiosyncratic. He was known as the most innovative and controversial early modern Russian composer. His works were ignored for many years until recently and are now seen as “sincere expression(s) of genius”.

The Three Etudes for Trombone and Piano are early works of Scriabin, originally written for Solo Piano. They show lyricism, passion, moodiness, chromatic harmonies, and great expression.

Mr. Sauer has brought three wonderful new works for advanced performers who wish to explore this area, largely unknown to the Trombone world. 

Listen below to a sample of the magnificent recorded performance of this work by Brian Wendel from his album "This Is Home" here.

You may now purchase the download of the sheet music & the recording together here.

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