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Wanhal - Concerto for Tuba with Piano accompaniment

Composer: Wanhal

Arranger: Yarbrough

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Johann Wanhal (Vanhal) was an important Classical Composer from Bohemian/Czech heritage (1739-1813). His main living was as an Organist and Choirmaster. However Wanhal's musical output as a Composer includes over a dozen Concerti, many Symphonies, Chamber music, Operas and much sacred music including 58 masses. Wanhal is rumored to have played chamber music with Mozart, Haydn and Dittersdorf, with Wanhal on the cello. 

In the 1770's Wanhal met the contrabassist Johannes Matthias Sperger and wrote a Double Bass Concerto for him. The Concerto, is in the key of E-Flat (original key of D for the Double Bass) in three movements and has been expertly arranged for Tuba and Piano by John Yarbrough of Duke University.

This work is available for Solo Tuba with Wind Ensemble.

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