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Haydn - Six Baryton Trios for Trombone and Piano

Composer: Haydn

Arranger: Trevarthen

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Haydn composed over 100 compositions, each in three movements, for his wealthy employer Nicolas Esterhazy who played the six-string instrument called a Baryton. It looked much like our modern day Cello, but, of course, with six, rather the Cello's four strings. His original scores were composed of three lines: the Solo part, an inner “filler” part for Viola, and a Bass part. I have realized the Piano part. These transcriptions were created to give the Solo Trombonist an experience with “Classical” music. The music is in an elegant style and a joy to perform as arranged by Mr. Trevarthen. The six works included in the collection are as follows: No. 2 in G (Theme and Variations). No. 26 in F. No. 49 in F. No. 55 in F. No. 77 in F. No. 95 in B-flat. The works are between six and nine minutes in length each and suitable for moderately advanced performers.

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