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Wagner - Two Album Leaves for Euphonium and Piano

Composer: Wagner

Arranger: Sauer

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Two Album Leaves are small works, mainly for Piano that composers originally used to dedicate to friends or admirers. These pieces are found inserted into music albums or autograph books, and not necessarily intended for publication. They tend to be short and not technically too demanding.

Ralph Sauer has arranged Wagner's Two Album Leaves for Euphonum and Piano in Bass Clef. Number One is a Piano work from 1875 dedicated to Frau Betty Schott the wife of music publisher Franz Schott. Number Two, also a Piano work, is an early opus from 1840 and is dedicated to the Paris based, German painter Ernst Benedikt Kietz, a big fan of Wagner, who helped support the young composer during his lean years in Paris. Both "Leaves" are lyrical, giving the performer a true taste of the master.

Sound clip played by Ralph Sauer and Mac Booke.

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