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Gliere - Intermezzo & Tarantella for Euphonium and Piano

Composer: Gliere

Arranger: Sauer

$22.50 USD



Gliere's Intermezzo and Tarantella, Op. 9 is an early work, originally written for Double Bass. The two movements have been beautifully arranged for Euphonium and Piano by Ralph Sauer. The Intermezzo is lyrical, sensual and "Eastern" sounding. The Tarantella is a sprightly folk dance from southern Italy. The curious name comes from the "wolf spider" or Tarantula whose bite is highly poisonous and in earlier times was believed to cause the victims to engage in a frenzied dance. The two movements are about nine and a half minutes in length and are appropriate for advanced performers. The mp3 clip is of Ralph Sauer on Trombone and Mac Booke on Piano.

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