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Teagarden - High Tone Studies for Trombone

Composer: Teagarden

Arranger: Original Composition

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Musical legend, Jack Teagarden is regarded as one of the finest jazz Trombonists of all time. His relatively unknown HIGH TONE STUDIES FOR TROMBONE were written in 1936. Teagarden's studies are designed to teach the student how to "reach" into the high register up to high "D", through the patient and slow practice of four introductory warm-ups and fifty-one progressively difficult exercises. None of the studies are more than three lines in length, requiring the student to "rest frequently," according to Teagarden. In reading through his concise instructions at the beginning of the book, it is obvious that Teagarden had put a lot of thought into his technique. These studies are appropriate for intermediate to advanced performers. Cherry Classics is proud to have teamed up with his son, Joe and the Teagarden Estate, to bring this book back to life.

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