• Belcke - Krönungs Marsch (Coronation March) for Wind Band

Belcke - Krönungs Marsch (Coronation March) for Wind Band

Composer: Belcke

Arranger: Johansen

$45.00 USD



German composer Friederich August Belcke, who was one of the first Trombone virtuosos composed this Krönungs Marsch (Coronation March) for Wind Band in 1840 and presented it unsolicited in honor of Danish King Christian the 8th.

This snappy march is in A-B-A format and has a contrasting Trio - returning to the A section for the finish.

Professor Niels-Ole Bo Johansen has beautifully edited the original score to conform to modern Wind Band instrumentation.

This march of about 4 minutes in length is appropriate for moderately advanced performers in High School and above. It is a great example of an original work for band from the Classical era.

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