• Belcke - Prayer for Trombone and Piano

Belcke - Prayer for Trombone and Piano

Composer: Belcke

Arranger: Johansen

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German-born Friedrich August Belcke was an early exponent of the trombone as a solo instrument in the modern era. He performed in the famous Gewandhaus orchestra of Leipzig and then the Royal orchestra of Berlin for over 42 seasons. His many compositions from the mid 19th Century are beginning to be unearthed. Prayer for Trombone and Piano has been edited by Niels-Ole Bo Johansen who has brought this work back to life. It is a serious work in the German Romantic style of moderate difficulty marked Adagio Religioso.

Belcke had an association to the Danish Court - being on friendly terms with both Christian the 8th and his son Frederik 7th.  dedicating works to both of them.

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