• Belcke - Schweizer-Klänge for Bass Trombone and Wind Ensemble

Belcke - Schweizer-Klänge for Bass Trombone and Wind Ensemble

Composer: Belcke

Arranger: Johansen

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Schweizer-Klänge (Swiss Sounds) for Bass Trombone and Wind Ensemble is a work by Friederich Belcke that may be performed on a small-bore Bass Trombone or large-bore Tenor Trombone. The work was composed and first performed in 1835 by German composer and soloist, Friederich Belcke as a solo to be accompanied by a military band and dedicated to "His Royal Highness, the Prince Christian Friederich of Denmark." Belcke had an association to the Danish Court - being on friendly terms with both Christian the 8th and his son Frederik 7th.  dedicating works to both of them.

This work has been rediscovered and beautifully edited for solo (Bass) Trombone and Wind Ensemble by Danish solo Trombonist and pedagog, Niels Ole-Bo Johansen.

The music reminisces about the sounds of Switzerland....the awesome snow-covered mountains of the Alps, lush green forests, deep blue skies, calm lakes, and rushing river waters. It is a joyful work with not a care in the world.

This work ranges from pedal B-flat to high B-flat and can be performed by a moderately advanced performer on either a large-bore Tenor or small-bore Bass Trombone.

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