• Berlioz - Judex Crederis from Te Deum for Trombone Choir and Organ

Berlioz - Judex Crederis from Te Deum for Trombone Choir and Organ

Composer: Berlioz

Arranger: Williams-Marc

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Te Deum, written by Hector Berlioz was conceived as the conclusion to a grand symphony celebrating Napoleon, but ultimately, the piece was dedicated to Prince Albert, the husband of Queen Victoria. Berlioz considered the Te Deum to fall into his ‘architectural or monumental’ musical compositions which is true, given that Berlioz led musical forces between 900-950 performers at the initial 1855 performance!

Judex Crederis is the last movement of the Te Deum and represents one of Berlioz’s most dramatic works. As with many of Berlioz’s large works, the trombone plays a prominent role in the movement. After the spectacular organ introduction, the brass enters, led by the six trombones in a brief fanfare that introduces the chorus. This glorious ‘moment’ inspired the arrangement for a monumental 16-part trombone choir with organ. The original trombone parts are included essentially unchanged, with the other parts covering the chorus and instruments.

The work brilliantly arranged by Marc Williams is intended for accomplished performers and provides ample musical challenges and rewards for the performers and audience alike.

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