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Brink - Exegesis for Unaccompanied Bass Trombone

Composer: Brink

Arranger: Brink

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Exegesis is an unaccompanied solo for Bass Trombone written in 1973 by American composer, Bass Trombonist and pedagog Philip Brink. The work of about 4-minutes in length is appropriate for very advanced players and requires the use of multi-phonics and other contemporary performance techniques.

Below is a brief sample of performance instructions from the composer.

"The rhythmic notation of Exegesis is fairly free; sections in traditional notation should approximate those rhythmic patterns, while arbitrarily long notes, rests or patterns should be as long as possible. The score hints at but does not make explicit any particular dramatic action or effect, which it is left to the performer to create or not. Most of the instructions are on the score and fairly easy to follow. The Beams that "crescendo" and "diminuendo" relate to acceleration or deceleration as indicated. There are odd little notes, like "secretive" in the first line - in these instances do whatever comes to mind as giving an impression of secrecy - change in volume, tone, or whatever - even a hand gesture!"

The composer gives additional detailed instructions in the score for the listener and the performer, helping with the interpretation and appreciation of this work.

Below is a fantastic performance of Exegesis from 2009 by the composer Phil Brink.

This music is available as an eBook on Apple iTunes and Amazon Kindle.

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