• Concone - 15 Lyrical Duets for Trumpets

Concone - 15 Lyrical Duets for Trumpets

Composer: Concone

Arranger: Mitchell-Matthew

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The Concone vocalise studies have been used by brass performers for many years now as a way to perfect a beautiful legato, lyrical technique and sound. The 15 Lyrical Duets for Trumpet, beautifully arranged by Matthew Mitchell are easy to easy/intermediate level and are also valuable to more experienced performers to build a singing lyrical sound.

Here is what Mr. Mitchell writes about his arrangement:

The source material for this collection are Concone’s original studies for high voice. The melodies are presented in the first trumpet part for each duet. The harmonic integrity for these duets has been preserved by using Concone’s original accompaniments as a basis for the second trumpet parts. The second trumpet parts have many similarities to Concone’s original accompaniments in regards to rhythm, melodic ideas and style.

The keys, articulations, markings and dynamics for this series of duets mirror those unutilized by J.F. Sawyer in the Brass Press Edition of Concone’s Lyrical Studies for Trumpet. The user is encouraged to experiment with their own articulations, markings and dynamics. The player may also want to take liberties with note lengths at the ends of phrases, often playing notes longer than their printed values, creating a more satisfying musical experience.

The 15 Lyrical Duets for Trumpets are great tools for teachers to use in the studio as well.

Listen to the first three of these below.

This music is available as an eBook on Apple iTunes and Amazon Kindle.

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