• Mahler - Rückert Lieder (4) for Euphonium and Piano

Mahler - Rückert Lieder (4) for Euphonium and Piano

Composer: Mahler

Arranger: Sauer

$30.00 USD



The Rückert Lieder by Gustav Mahler were written between 1901 and 1902, being first premiered in 1905 with Mahler himself conducting. The text of the songs is taken from poems set by Friedrich Rückert, a professor of Oriental languages. Mahler's music, able to convey complex emotions with seemingly simple melodic lines is the perfect vehicle for these poems.

Ralph Sauer has taken four of these songs and edited them for performance on the Euphonium. He has also included the original German and English translations of the songs to aid the performers and also the listener to best enjoy the feelings coming from this sublime music.

All together the songs are about 15 minutes in length. Although technically not difficult, these songs require a mature interpretation in order to best convey their message.

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