• Dippre - SCREAM for Trombone and electronic recording

Dippre - SCREAM for Trombone and electronic recording

Composer: Dippre

Arranger: DIppre

$22.50 USD



SCREAM is an exciting new work composed in 2020 by Adam Dippre for Trombone and Electronic Recording. The electronic accompaniment is comprised of eight samples of a Marine Sergeant screaming. These samples have then been sped up, slowed down, distorted, etc. As well, the soloist uses effects such as: trills, glissando's, didgeridoo sounds, quarter tones and inserting a bassoon reed into the mouthpiece to mimic a spaceship takeoff. 

The work is a little over 6 minutes in length and appropriate for advanced performers. It would make a great addition to a recital. 

The electronic track is delivered as an automatic link after purchasing the download option, or upon email request to the publisher for the hard copy print version. One track has a click for practicing and another track without a click for performance.

The dramatic live recording is by the composer, Adam Dippre.

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