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Fetter - Situation Update - Suite for Tenor Trombone and Piano

Composer: Fetter

Arranger: Fetter

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David Fetter's brilliant new work Situation Update - Suite for Tenor Trombone and Piano is written in three contrasting movements totaling almost 11 minutes in length:

1. Swift 
2. Longing
3. Exit Music

Swift is marked "Intense" and is very rhythmic and angular. Longing is a beautiful lyrical movement marked "Cantabile" and Exit Music is marked "Lively" mixing chromatic, lyrical and  syncopated segments, ending in a giant climax.

Both the solo and accompaniment parts are written for advanced performers.

The work's premier was performed in 2015 by retired Principal Trombonist of the Boston Symphony, Ronald Barron and accompanied at the Piano by Pianist Larry Wallach.

Here is what Mr. Ewazen has said about Situation Update:

"I had the pleasure of hearing Ron Barron play David Fetter's exciting and virtuosic new work for Trombone and Piano, "Situation Update”. David's music allows the Trombonist to sing and soar in 3 contrasting movements filled with vivid colors, beautiful and expressive harmonies, and a wonderful flowing rhythmic energy. The outer movements crackle with energy, showcasing the amazing technique of soloist Ron Barron, as the melodic line shifts and changes with playful abandon, while the middle movement is heartfelt and lyrical, with beautiful melodic lines, supported by resonant, gorgeous harmonies. The work is a real tour de force and rightly deserves to take its place as a significant addition to the Trombone repertoire."

The sound sample (from each of the 3 movements) is performed by Trombonist Ronald Barron with the Eagles Band of Pittsfield, Massachusetts.

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