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Freidlin - Romantic Concerto for Trombone and Piano (reduction)

Composer: Freidlin

Arranger: Freidlin

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Jan Freidlin's lush and beautiful Romantic Concerto for Trombone and Piano (reduction) was composed in 2004 and is in the traditional three movements. The 15-minute work is appropriate for advanced performers.

Below is what the composer has written about his work:

 "Written in 2004, this composition combines three contrasting movements, however, their style is not typical of a classical concerto, nor of a romantic work.

The 1st movement - Moderato has a long recitative-like introduction performed by the soloist over a background of aleatoric sounds. The tonality is indefinite with many harmonic changes.

The music gradually builds up more and more
 leading the listener to the 2nd movement - Vivace energico in which there is, added rhythmic complexity. In the 2nd movement, the
 main motive from the 1st movement is reintroduced and the mood gains in intensity with various syncopated rhythmic phrases as the piano and solo Trombonist accelerate together into a major climax.

With the energy drained out of the music by the conclusion of the 2nd movement the listener is brought to the 3rd movement - Cavatine. This movement is ab
solutely lyrical, elegiac, and unexpectedly tonal. Its main melody has an atmosphere of nostalgia leading to the emotional center of the whole work, the softest climax of the Concerto. The soloist plays it in many tonalities, then gradually this warm wave eases, leaving the listener in a cathartic condition.

The Concerto contains many virtuosic moments for the soloist that sound very expressive and heroic."

Jan Freidlin 

Below is a segment of each movement from a live performance of the Concerto performed by the Odessa Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra, Conductor Igor Shavruk, and Trombone soloist Andrei Sokolov.

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