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Frith - One Nation for Trombone and Piano

Composer: Frith

Arranger: Frith

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John Frith's new work One Nation for Trombone and Piano is written in A-B-A format, beginning with a dramatic and declamatory section which leads into a more somber, lyrical section and then returning to the A section to finish off this fine work of about 4 minutes in length, appropriate for moderately advanced performers (all in bass clef). This music works very well for young performers looking to find a challenging contemporary work with lots of contrasts.

Here is a description by the composer hiimself:

'The opening statement represents forthright striving and the determination to achieve a goal, motivated by a strong work ethic.

A second theme (at 'B') speaks of those 'wide open spaces' - places of natural beauty where batteries can be re-charged.

The 'driven' music of the opening returns suggesting that the pursuance of our dream promises ultimate satisfaction.

In addition, those traditions that offer a strong sense of ethnic identity can also allow for the wider picture of our national identity and, wider still, of our citizenship of ONE NATION under God.'

This work is dedicated to Gordon Cherry.

Here is an excerpt from the ITA Journal review:

....'this is a nice, short piece that could serve as an opener to an 

undergraduate recital program.'     (Bradley Edwards, June 2020

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