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Frith - Sons of Thunder for Bass Trombone and Piano

Composer: Frith

Arranger: Frith

$25.00 USD



Composer John Frith has written a new solo virtuosic work for Bass Trombone with Piano accompaniment of about 3 minutes in length. Read below to see what his thoughts are about his composition for Jonathan Warburton. 

"I have written a number of pieces (over many years) for Jonathan Warburton who also commissioned Sons of Thunder in 2015. Jon’s gift for musical ‘acrobatics’ gave me the idea of creating a short, high-energy work that would give vent to his exceptional range and flexibility. The central section is muted and relatively calm but it is not long before the music builds and the opening material returns. A solo cadenza creates a welcome calm interlude before the storm gathers once again as the piece builds to a momentous fortissimo before grinding to a thunderous halt!

Sons of Thunder is the nickname given by Jesus to the apostles James and John, possibly reflecting their lively characters……I’m guessing that theirs were not too unlike Jonathan’s ebullient personality!"

(SoundCloud track below is a digital rendition from NotePerformer)

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