• Gershwin - Three Preludes for Brass Quintet

Gershwin - Three Preludes for Brass Quintet

Composer: Gershwin

Arranger: Coulter

$35.00 USD



Three Preludes by George Gershwin, originally published for the Piano in 1926, have been beautifully arranged for brass quintet by Robert Coulter.  About 6 minutes in length, the Preludes are "jazzy", "bluesy" and a lot of fun to play, plus, very entertaining for audiences. 

This arrangement is appropriate for advanced performers and is scored for 2 trumpets in b-flat, horn, trombone and tuba.

Prelude No. 1 , "To Bill Daly" has a bluesy motif with a strong jazz feel.  Prelude No. 2, "Blue Melody", is a melancholy song with a blues feel using lots of sevenths and a major/minor duality. Its middle section is more upbeat featuring the tuba.  Prelude No. 3,  "Spanish Prelude" features lots of syncopations and a battle between major & minor with the major winning out in the end.  This work will make a fantastic addition to your concert.

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