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Gershwin - Three Preludes for Euphonium and Piano

Composer: Gershwin

Arranger: Sauer

$30.00 USD



George Gershwin's, Three Preludes, originally published for Piano in 1926, have been transcribed by Ralph Sauer in this first ever edition for Euphonium and Piano. About six minutes in length, the Preludes are "Jazzy", "Bluesy" and a lot of fun to play, plus, very entertaining for audiences. This transcription, in bass clef is suitable for advanced performers with a range from a low C# to 3 high D's.

Prelude No. 1 (To Bill Daly), has a bluesy motif with a strong jazz feel. 

Prelude No. 2, "Blue Lullaby", is a sad song also with a blues feel using lots of sevenths and a major/minor duality.

Prelude No. 3, "Spanish Prelude" features a lot of syncopations and a battle between major and minor with the major winning out in the end.

This work will make a fantastic addition to your recital.

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