• Holst - Personent Hodie for 5 Trombones

Holst - Personent Hodie for 5 Trombones

Composer: Holst

Arranger: Reynolds

$15.00 USD



Personent Hodie is a captivating choral composition by Gustav Holst, renowned for his masterpiece The Planets. Written 1916, this work showcases Holst's exceptional ability to blend traditional and modern elements. The title translates to Sing Today and it is based on a medieval Latin carol from the 14th Century. This work is suitable for Christmastime as it is joyful and harkens to the birth of Jesus:

Verse 1.

 Let the voices of little children be heard today, praising joyfully                                   He who was born to us, given by the highest God,
 And procreated from a virgin's womb.

Holst's setting of Personent Hodie features rich harmonies, intricate counterpoint, and dynamic contrasts that create a vibrant and festive atmosphere perfect for a Christmas concert.

Jeff Reynolds has expertly arranged this joyous work for 5 Trombones including a choice of Bass Trombone or optional Contrabass Trombone on the bottom part. The work is appropriate for advanced performers.

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