• Holst - The Perfect Fool Ballet Suite for Brass Quintet

Holst - The Perfect Fool Ballet Suite for Brass Quintet

Composer: Holst

Arranger: DeckerCharles

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The Perfect Fool Suite by Gustav Holst is a ballet in one act composed by Gustav Holst in 1918-22. It tells the story of a jester who is appointed as advisor to the King, but ultimately leads him to his downfall due to the Fool's own foolishness and lack of understanding of the King's needs. The music is characterized by its playful and whimsical nature, featuring colorful orchestration and lively dance rhythms. Holst's use of folk melodies and modal harmonies creates an otherworldly atmosphere that perfectly captures the fantastical and magical elements of the story. The Perfect Fool remains a popular work in the classical repertoire and continues to enchant audiences with its charming tale and delightful music.

This very unique music has been expertly arranged by Charles Decker for traditional brass quintet with Trumpets in B-flat and is appropriate for advanced performers.

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